Craig’s List Member Alert

Fraudulent First Trust cashier checks are being circulated throughout the nation through many different avenues. The most common story being told is, “I was hired to work at home by someone on Craig’s List.” The second most popular is, “I sold something on Craig’s List.” Recently a fraudulent check was sent to a person who applied for a loan on line. The common theme seems to be Craig’s list, or I did something on line. The checks are sent UPS to avoid using the U.S. mail system and are being sent anywhere from Canada to Florida.

If you receive a check and are asked to cash or deposit the check and return a portion of the money to the remitter, or forward funds to someone else such as a shipper or transporter, BEWARE. This is more than likely a fraudulent check. Never accept a cashier’s check and send merchandise without the check first clearing and never accept a cashier’s check and return funds to the remitter.

First Trust is always happy to verify the validity of our cashier checks and anyone believing they may be in receipt of a fraudulent check is encouraged to call our office for verification during regular business hours at 800-276-6161.