Identity Theft – More Than A Financial Problem

Identity theft is defined as the process of using someone else’s personal information for your own personal gain. ID theft can happen to anyone and it can come in all shapes and sizes. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there are more than 30 types of identity theft affecting millions of Americans each year. Your credit card digits could be stolen and used to make online purchases; a thief could impersonate you to open up a loan in your name; a felon could commit a crime and pretend to be you when caught; or someone could use your personal information to apply for a job.

Simply by being a member of First Trust Credit Union and having a FTCU checking account, you have the option to take advantage of our Identity Theft Protection. Through our partnership with Merchants Information Solutions, Inc., if you or a family member suspects any type of identity theft, please contact us immediately at 800-276-6161. We will connect you with a Merchants Information Solutions certified identity recovery advocate. They will then place fraud alerts at the three major credit bureaus for you; help you access services to watch for signs of identity theft; access your credit reports and conduct a threat assessment to determine if any identity theft has occurred.

*Services extend to all named accountholders, their spouse or domestic partner, dependants up to age 25 with the same permanent residence address as the accountholder, including students, military and parents of the accountholder living at the same address as the accountholder, or living in hospice, assisted living, nursing home, or deceased for 12 months or less. Monthly fee applies. Ask a Member Service Representative for details.

If you are the victim of identity theft, your advocate will work on your behalf to restore your identity and make sure you stay recovered – no matter how long it takes. For details, please contact us at 800-276-6161 or visit us at any of our branches in Michigan City, La Porte, Valparaiso, or Wheatfield.

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