Personal Internet Branch

At First Trust we take security very seriously, employing state of the art measures on multiple levels to protect members who use our electronic services. We now offer an entire set of tools that you control, making yourself even more secure.

PIB, or Personal Internet Branch, is available to all members using our It’s Me 247 Online Banking. The best thing about PIB is that you turn on the features you want, and off the ones you don’t. You have the ability to lock down your account as you see fit.

New features you can utilize and control include:

  • Create a username for logging in, instead of your account number
  • Set days of the week and times of the day that your account is accessible or inaccessible
  • Control the features available, like funds transfers, check requests, loan application, opening new account, viewing cancelled checks, on-line bill pay, and more
  • Set maximum dollar amounts of funds transfers allowed
  • Set a second password for funds transfers

PIB also comes with Geographic Controls. These allow you to make your account accessible only within the US, only within your state, only within your city, or even only accessible by your own home PC. (This feature is built using IP Lookup and DNS information, and may not work properly for all members, especially those using dial up Internet connections or those accessing their accounts from work or schools)

So look for the new button “Manage My Security” when you log into It’s Me 247 Online Banking.