Be careful of gift card scams. Learn more by clicking here.

Tis’ the season to be jolly… and ALERT! If you receive a phone call requesting payment from an “important” organization or business, you better “think” twice about who is being naughty or nice this holiday season. If someone on the phone is requesting that you pay them with a gift card – HANG UP! It’s most likely a SCAM! Some of the more common reasons these scammers demand a payment are to:

  • Pay an IRS debt
  • Keep your Social Security benefits
  • Keep your utilities on (electricity, water or heat)pay for tech support
  • Pay for a family member in trouble
  • Pay a member of the military needing money pay bail or ransom
  • Avoid arrest or deportation

Report these scams to the police, the card issuer such as Amazon, Ebay, Google Play, Etc., and finally to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION at

For more information on Gift Card Scams, you can visit .

Here’s to a safe, happy, and scam-free holiday season.

Helpful contact numbers for gift card issuers:

Amazon: (888) 280-4331


Google Play:

iTunes: (800) 275-2273