Overdraft Protection/Courtesy Pay

Overdraft Protection

Put an end to the expense and complications of overdraft charges with First Trust’s Overdraft Protection Options.   You can choose to have funds automatically transfer from your savings or other account when an overdraft occurs for a minimal $10 fee per transfer.  Or, opt for an Overdraft Line-of-Credit (based on credit approval).  Once in place, if your Checking Account becomes overdrawn, we’ll automatically loan you the money to cover it, up to your pre-approved credit limit. This is a loan, interest and finance charges will apply.  Easy repayment options are available.

LOW-COST Protection

Fees from non-sufficient funds can really add up!  However the cost of a $500 Overdraft Protection Loan is only pennies a day.  Overdraft Protection not only alleviates embarrassment but also the non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee, plus the merchant fee.

Courtesy Pay

You can also avoid overdrafts with Courtesy Pay.  In the event that you do not qualify for Overdraft Protection, this added service also protects from (NSF) returned checks and your account from merchant charges.  (Subject to qualifications.  Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual courtesy that can be revoked at any time).