WARNING- Are you being cautious to protect yourself from FRAUD & IDENTITY THEFT?

Fraudsters will try anything to convince you to provide confidential information to gain access to your account and electronic devices.  Please know that First Trust Credit Union will NEVER call you and ask for your personal information over the phone. Do NOT give out any of your personal information if you receive an unexpected phone call from what seems like a legitimate company, or even the credit union. Your best defense is to ask for the person’s name and then hang up and call your actual place of business, and ask if they were trying to reach you for any reason. If you fall victim to a scam, the amount of financial loss to you can be substantial.  Before you proceed, STOP and THINK about what you are being asked to share or click on.  If you feel you may have been a victim of a financial crime, report the incident to local law enforcement and contact the credit union at 800-276-6161 to review your account and associated activities. Stay Financially Safe!